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Art on Scarves

Recycled Bottle Scarf - Butterflies

Recycled Bottle Scarf - Butterflies

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These incredibly soft and silky scarves are made from Recycled PET Plastic Bottles.  Fully sustainable and recyclable they are uniquely printed with our own original designs.

These must have accessories come packed in a lovely cardboard tube, also fully recyclable.

If nothing changes by 2050 there will be more plastic bottles in the Ocean than there will be fish.  At Art on Scarves we believe we are doing a tiny bit (you could say a drop in the Ocean), to remove some of the plastic by turning into gorgeous scarves.

It doesn't stop there, however - to stop our scarves ending back in landfill or the Ocean, we encourage our customers to wear their scarves for years, to hand them down or to either recycle their scarf or send it back to us, so we can repurpose it by turning into hair accessories or bags.

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